Our Syrahs

"The problem with this country is that everyone is one glass of Syrah behind."

Syrah finds its greatest expression when grown in cool climates in non-vigorous soils.  It is the red grape best known from the Rhone Valley and produces dark-colored dense wines that age well. This early to mid-season grape varietal crops heavily producing large clusters with small to medium sized berries. The berries will tend to wilt and collapse when they near maturity. Syrah ranges in flavor from spicy black pepper and smoke in cooler climates and less ripe seasons to jammy blackberry and chocolate when very ripe. Syrah quite often develops a meaty/gamey character as wells as aromas of fresh leather and violets. Two Syrah clones commonly used are; 300 known for its smaller clusters and powerful wines that can add tannin structure and 174 also known for smaller clusters and lower production levels that can produce complex flavor profiles and a strong tunnel of fruit through the mid pallet.




The Art: Located in the Carneros region of Sonoma County, the Las Madres vineyard benefits from significant temperature variations found in this area of Southern Sonoma allowing longer ripening and added complexity. We chose to work with the vineyard's clone 300 in this vintage, which provides a strong core of forward fruit. Aromatics of ripe plum, dark cherry, violets and new leather. Blackberry fruit on the palate with excellent balance between silky tannins and refreshing acidity followed by a long finish that hints at long aging potential.

The Science:

  • Harvest date: October 14, 2007
  • Brix: (sugar level) 24.8
  • Alcohol: 14.6%