Las Madres Vineyard

John Painter and Jean Gadiot-Painter own and operate this picturesque vineyard located in Carneros.  In honor of the growers' mothers, Ester and Houlda, the two Syrah block vineyard was named "Las Madres."  The vineyard uses organic practices and is farmed for low yields.  The vineyard location benefits from significant temperature variations found in this area of Southern Sonoma allowing longer ripening and added complexity.  The Clone 300 block grapes provide a strong core of fruit while the Clone 174 block grapes are known structure and earthy tones.  The wine from this vineyard produces powerful aromatics wines with great balance and concentration.  Along with several of the regions top wine makers, we feel that this cool climate vineyard expresses the very essence of Syrah.

The Details

AVA: Carneros
Varietal: Syrah
  1. 300 – for texture, aromatics and full mouth-feel
  2. 174 – strong core and pallet
Rootstock: 101-14
Soils: Haire clay
Acres: 8.5

2 (4.25 acres each of the 300 and 174 clones)

Vine Density:

1,244 vines per acre (5 x 7 ft.)


Vertical Shoot Positioning

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