Amber Ridge Vineyards

This hillside vineyard is located on Starr Road immediately adjacent to the famed Gary Farrell Starr Ridge vineyard in Windsor. Planted in 2000 the vineyard has been embraced by several prominent wine makers. The vineyard is positioned on rolling hills in a location that benefits from morning fog that burns off by mid to late morning warming up the vineyard until the afternoon when cool breezes enter the vineyards from the Guerneville Gap leading to cool evenings.  These significant temperature variations allow for longer ripening and added complexity.  This vineyard like our estate Balinard vineyard is farmed by Glenn Alexander of Bacchus Vineyard Management a seasoned veteran who uses sustainable agricultural methods on this property.  This is a unique site that produces signature Russian River Pinot Noir characteristic of power and grace.

The Details

AVA: Russian River Valley & Green Valley
Varietal: Pinot Noir
  1. UCD Dijon 115 for feminine red fruit and radiance
  2. UCD Dijon 667 for intensity, black fruit profile and concentration
  3. UCD Dijon 777 for big fruit pallet with complex and delicate aromatics
Rootstock: 101-14 (minimizes vigor, builds shallow roots that doesn’t seek water)
Soils: Goldridge Loam
Acres: 30 (total property)

4 dedicated to Pinot Noir

Vine Density:

1,244 vines per acre (5 x 7 ft.)


Vertical Shoot Positioning (cane pruned)

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