Small Lot Primary Fermentation

How We Do It

No monster stainless steel tanks.  No harsh industrial piping and pumps.  Our intimate and hand crafted approach can only be made in small lots where attention to detail and quality is paramount.  We allow the natural yeasts that are found on the grape skins, to start the fermentation which begins the initial conversion of the sugars to alcohol and grape juice into wine.  We will sometimes use specially crafted yeasts to complete the fermentation process.  During fermentation the skin and seeds will rise to the top of the fermentor creating what is called a "cap."  We conduct frequent daily punch-downs during fermentation that keep the skins in contact with the juice which is how red wines get their red color. 

Fermentation is the process of taking the raw materials of grapes and turning them into young wine. This requires managing the implementation of several layers of logistics with the goal of creating a desired wine style.  We constantly assess the fermentation process to insure that quality is being maintained and problems avoided and frequently measure; sugar levels, temperature, aroma, taste, pH and titratable acidity.  Our fermentation strategy is to arrive at creating a wine style that results in balanced food friendly wine that are true to their varietal character and reflect the place in which they come.

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