How do we make wondrous 

Pinot Noirs and Syrahs from Sonoma?



How We Do It

Connor Brennan Cellars is a family wine adventure with a passion for making small lot hand crafted vineyard-designate Pinor Noir and Syrah from cool climate vineyards located in the bucolic Sonoma wine growing region.   We are very selective about the vineyards we choose to work with.  Like us they are mostly small family owned operations that are managed with great care and with the goal of growing the very best wine grapes in Sonoma.  The high quality fruit is gently harvested at the peak of ripeness.

We have recently joined the ranks of small vineyard owners with our first estate property.  After many years of wine making we dreamt of becoming "winegrowers" where we could exercise full control from vine to bottle.  Balinard Vineyards was planted in the spring of 2007 which is the first step in realizing this dream.

Unlike large wineries we baby our wines from grape to bottle making every effort to fashion wine that is a natural expression of the vineyards from which the fruit comes.  This is not a wine-industrial-complex approach to wine making.  We fuss over every small lot and barrel in making some of the very best wines found in Sonoma.  Our goal is to craft elegant and food friendly styled wines.  We hope you enjoy the passion we devote to each bottle.

The Best Vineyards
Great Grapes
Gentle Handling
Cold Soak & Pre-Fermentation
Small Lot Primary Fermentation
Gentle Press
Good Wood
Seconday Fermentation
Careful Monitoring
Our Pinot Noirs
Balinard Vineyards
Amber Ridge Vineyard
Bohemian Vineyards
Las Madres Vineyard

"Balinard Vineyard, our estate winegrowing property."