The Best Vineyards

Rolling vineyards.

How We Do It

There‚Äôs a growing philosophy amongst premium winemakers that great wines are made in the vineyard.  While not literally true it is impossible to make great wine with poor quality grapes.  Great grapes in the right hands can be crafted into an ethereal wine.  If premium wines come from great grapes then a winemaker needs to source them from the very best vineyards.  At Connor|Brennan we purchase grapes from only the best vineyards in the finest locations that are managed by growers that take the utmost care in growing wine grapes.  They sweat every detail, irrigation, row orientation, vine stress, clone and root stock selection, row orientation, irrigation regimes, shoot training, canopy management, fruit thinning, soil and site selection and sustainable farming methods.  This all figures into the calculus of producing grapes capable of becoming fine wine.

The Best Vineyards
Great Grapes
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Seconday Fermentation
Careful Monitoring
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Balinard Vineyards
Amber Ridge Vineyard
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